RIDEP's main program, The Furniture Bank, is a valuable non-profit provider to those most in need - people who are moving from shelters to their first homes, families whose homes have burned, battered women rebuilding their lives, anyone at risk moving into a space of their own.

RIDEP has evolved into a vital agency that also provides furnishing for the shelters and group homes across the state.  Today, RIDEP collects not only furniture but also mattresses, office furniture and new or gently used clothing.

The RIDEP team has also created many special projects such as Project CoverUp which collects winter coats and Project Undercover which collects diapers, new underwear and socks.

RIDEP depends on the donation of furniture from individuals and businesses to distribute to those most in need.  But a program like ours also needs money to cover operating costs.  We have two fundraising events a year and appreciate your participation through event attendance, donation of auction goods or general event sponsorships.  We also welcome financial contributions that can be earmarked for specific programs or to help support the general operating fund.

RIDEP's programs provide furniture for individuals and families receiving public assistance, or with an income up to 25% above the poverty level and are identified and referred by more the 65 statewide neighborhood centers.  We also provide furnishings for shelters and non-profit human service programs across Rhode Island.


  • Furniture Bank
    Mattresses (new or good quality used), beds, dressers, couches, tables, chairs, cribs, lamps, rugs, etc.

  • Project UnderCover
    RIDEP solicits, collects and distributes new, packaged underwear, diapers and socks for RI children under the age of 9 who live at or near the poverty level.

  • Project Cover Up
    RIDEP collects and distributes over 1000 new and gently used winter coats, hats and mittens to RI families.

  • Corporate Programs
    RIDEP works with local businesses to provide goods to the Used Office Furniture Bank and Clothing Bank (new and gently used clothing).